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How to Reduce Injection Molding Costs

In today’s competitive market, optimizing design and leveraging molding options are key to reducing overall molding expenses. In our presentation we will address a variety of ways to stretch your manufacturing dollar, including eliminating undercuts and unnecessary features, incorporating a core-cavity approach, using moldability analysis to improve part design, and leveraging multi-cavity/family tooling.

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Mike Adams has been an applications engineer at Protolabs since 2016. He specializes in CNC machining and injection molding, including insert molding and overmolding. Adams has designed plastic parts and molds for nearly 30 years with experience including rotational molding, blowmolding, thermoforming, extrusion, and long-fiber composite pultrusion. He also has expertise in additive manufacturing and with various materials like high-performance thermoplastics and sheet metal.


Mike Adams / Protolabs

Mike Adams /Protolabs


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